Sea the Sky

Study tour of W.S.G. Isaac Newton


Organized from within the study association of mechanical engineering at the University of Twente, W.S.G. Isaac Newton. Sea the Sky is a study tour aimed at European companies that provide for the naval and aerospace industries, but also European companies that have big ambitions and figuratively aim for the sky. The study tour will stay close to home and travel to Belgium and the United Kingdom to visit companies there somewhere at the start of the summer break with 19 participants. Besides this, also seven committee members will join the travel and one faculty supervisor. In general, the whole process of the study tour consist of four main stages. First is the sign-up of the participants, then the preliminary reasearch will be done, after which the study tour itself will take place and finally the case work will be finished for a final report of the study tour.

As a deliverable for the participants, a case study on sustainability analysis will be conducted. The case will be mainly constructed by the research and presenting the results obtained on the trip. In depth research of the company will be done before the trip, where in later stages it will be compared with the findings of the company visits. Prior to the trip, the main question “What can companies do to be more sustainable?” will be answered in different aspects via subquestions related to sustainability. During the trip, the answers that we came up with during the research phase will be compared with the findings of the trip.

The study tour will travel from Enschede, through Belgium and France all the way to the United Kingdom. Here, we will stop at several companies to see and learn from what they do. In the time in between visits, we will explore the cities nearby and enjoy the culture by doing several activities. When the exact route is known, it will be displayed here.

Roan Spits

Roan Spits - Chairman

I am Roan and I am a third year bachelor mechanical engineering student. I am 20 years old and hail from the beautiful province of Friesland. Currently, besides my studies and the committee, I am also a candidate for the 66th board of W.S.G. Isaac Newton.

As the chairman of the committee I am very excited to lead this committee to realizing a successful and fun study tour. I look forward to meeting all the participants and enjoying the trip together with the committe and them!

Ece Coksayer - Secretary

I am Ece Coksayar and I am a third year bachelor mechanical engineering student. I am 21 year old and I am from Turkey. I am the secretary of the Eurotour committee, so I am responsible for taking notes in the meetings and the structure of the case.

I am happy to be part of this committee and organize the Eurotour 2023. I am looking forward to visiting companies and learning how they approach the topic 'sustainability' and their solutions to achieve it.

Ece Coksayer

Koenraad Dols

Koenraad Dols - Treasurer

My name is Koenraad, I am a second year bachelor mechanical engineering student. I am 20 years old and am mixed Dutch and Indonesian although I lived most of my life in South East Asia. Besides the Eurotour committee I am also a part of the board of TSAC.

As the Treasurer of the Eurotour i will plan and keep track of the financial aspects of the trip, i look forward to the trip with fellow students around europe.

Veralin Staring - Trip Coordinator

Hi! I am a third year mechanical engineering student. I am currently 20 years old and have lived all my life in The Netherlands. During Sinterklaas it was announced that I am the candidate chairman of the 66th board W.S.G. Isaac Newton.

I am going to be your trip coordinator on this tour. With Ali I am looking for the most interesting companies to visit during the trip. Also we think of fun activities to do in our free time. If you have any questions about the destinations of the trip you should come to me!

Veralin Staring

Ali Eltair

Ali Eltair - Trip Coordinator

I am in my second year at the bachelor of mechanical engineering. I chose to join EuroTour because of the exciting opportunity to travel and learn about the industrial world at the same time.

My role as a travel coordinator is contacting European companies to arrange visits, as well as planning the general logistics of the trip. I aim to reach the most exciting companies that relate to our theme and plan a memorable trip.

Kay Stapel - External Affairs

My name is Kay, I am a second year bachelor mechanical engineering student. I am 20 years old and am originally from Zwolle. However, I’ve lived outside of the Netherlands for most of my life. I enjoy being active and I play volleyball at Harambee. I also enjoy music a lot; I play the violin and DJ in my spare time.

My role in the Eurotour committee is to work as a commissioner of external affairs. This implies that I make contact with companies within the Netherlands to fund our tour in return for exposure of these companies.

Kay Stapel

Coen Alblas

Coen Alblas - External Affairs

Hello everyone, I am Coen and I will be one of the people working to realize the Eurotour this academic year.

I am 20 years old and a third year bachelor mechanical engineering student, in my spare time I enjoy various sports like mountain biking, kite surfing or skateboarding. I also like to play my guitar every once in a while or to be active within a variety of different committees at W.S.G. Isaac Newton. In the Eurotour committee I will be working as a commissioner of external affairs. This means I will be in contact with a lot of companies to find ways of collaborating to make the tour possible.


As a study tour is quite expensive, some external funding is needed. We are currently looking for partners to help fund matters like travel, accommodation and food. Of course, a partnership goes both ways. What we can offer companies is the possibility to create brand awareness for serious mechanical engineering students. Besides the participating students, also their fellow students and friends will get familiar with your company name, for example through reports, promotional material and the website

If your company is interested in cooperating with us, please contact our commissioners of external affairs at or fill in the contact form. Both English and Dutch contact is possible.


When the tour has a definitive list of participants, they will al be shown here with a short bio about themselves. There will be a total of 17 or 18 participants participating with the study tour.


For general questions, please fill in our contact form or send an email to For enquiries about collaborations please contact us via


Postbus 25, 7500AE, Enschede, The Netherlands

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